Vote for your favourite Ixalan TribeVote for your favourite Ixalan TribeNew Price Matching PolicyWe've updated our Price Matching policy to make it even easier to get the best deals. Check out the details here.Make Hugs, Not WarJustin tells us how he molded a Group Hug deck to his liking by building off of the pre-made Stalwart Unity deck.Phelddagrif's Endless Army of Squirrel TokensJamie tells us how to build and play her Enchantress EDH deck, using her cuddly-wuddly buddy, Phelddagrif as a commander. Learn how to stay alive long enough to mill everyone out with an army of never ending squirrel tokens courtesy of earthcraft and squirrel nest.On The Horizon: Charterstone, Dice Forge, Unlock! and AshesOn The Horizon is a new series from Greg of Devetos Gaming that highlights upcoming releases that should not be missed! In this article we take a closer look at Charterstone, Dice Forge, Unlock! and the Ashes Deluxe expansionsVote for your favourite Amonkhet InvocationVote for your favourite Amonkhet Invocation5 Games to Play When The GM Calls in SickGame night is ruined! Everyone has already sat down at the table when suddenly your Game Master (GM) sends a message that they won’t be making it tonight. Now there’s nothing for the gathered players to do. The following are 5 games to break out in trying times such as this. 5 Games to Help You Forget Winter ExistsOn days where I can see my own breath I like to think of warmer climates; so I’ve rounded up 5 fun thematic games that’ll transport you mentally to hotter parts of the world.3 of the Weirdest Indie RPGsThere’s really only one reason to own any of the books on this list. So that you can say you own them and people can awkwardly stare at you. You’re probably never going to even try to play them. At best, you’ll skim through them with your friends and chuckle at how absurd they are. That’s pToronto Regionals – X-Wing Miniatures in Competitive Play ReportBilly reports on his first major X-wing competitive event, and details his matches. If you're interested in playing X-Wing competitively, then Billy offers some advice on ships and encouragement. As a relatively new player in the competitive scene, Billy aims to share his journey within the X-Wing 5 Games to Play on a First DateValentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking to get to know a potential special someone, then why not play some board games? Even if things don’t work out romantically, at least you can say you had a fun gaming night with a new friend.Top 10 Bestselling New Releases of 2016It’s that time of the year again where we round up our bestselling games of 2016! We’re doing things a bit different this year and only including games that were released in store in 2016 or we received it in store in 2016. Otherwise, this is going to look a lot like the Bestsellers of 2015 (CodFiller Games: A New LookOnly have 30 minutes to play a game? Travelling for a few days and don’t want to lug around a giant box? Need to play a game that doesn’t induce analysis paralysis? If you answered yes to any of the above, a filler game may be what you need. Michael covers his 5 favourite fillers released in theVote for your favourite Star Wars Destiny characterVote for your favourite Star Wars Destiny characterVote for your favourite Aether Revolt InventionVote for your favourite Aether Revolt InventionThe Ultimate Pokemon Gifting GuideKnow someone who loves Pokemon and Pokemon cards but you’re not sure what to get them? Well we’ve compiled the ultimate gifting guide to help you out for every budget! Our Pokemon department gathered all of the most in-demand products this season from collection boxes, to decks, to the hottest sBoard Game Gifting Guide for Newbies Part 3In the final part of our Board Game Gifting Guide, Billy covers games for the die-hard tabletop fan. He's compiled a list of games that are new or underrated in the hopes that your giftee doesn't already own them.Board Game Gifting Guide for Newbies Part 2Part 2 of Billy's Board Game Gifting Guide focuses on what to buy for budding board game enthusiasts. Know someone new to modern board games who wants to expand their collection with some fun titles? Why not jumpstart their collection with one of these suggested titles.Board Game Gifting Guide for Newbies Part 1Stocking stuffers, small gifts, and travel-sized games are covered in this multi-part gifting guide written by Board Game Specialist, Billy! Don’t know anything about board games but they’re on your shopping list this year? Don’t worry. Billy has you covered.3 Gifts to Get Your GM for ChristmasYou owe your GM some love. After all the hard work they’ve been putting into making sure you’re the ones having fun, you need to show them some kind of appreciation. There’s no better time to do that then now as the holiday season is approaching. Here are a few small gift ideas from 401 that GMagic the Gathering Holiday Gift GuideThe holidays are awesomely difficult times to buy for the gamers in your life.
That's where this guide comes in. Below we've grouped together gift ideas for the type of player you might be shopping for.
Star Wars: Destiny Launch Party ReportIf you weren’t able to make it, here are some of the highlights of the event! Plus Liz covers which cards have instantly gained favor with the community, and which deck synergies to look out for.The Parent’s Guide to PokemonYour kids are obsessed with Pokemon, but all you can do is smile and nod when they talk ecstatically about it. Here's a quick rundown of some common terms and answers to frequently asked questions.Joker's Wild Competitive PrimerJay Solomon goes over all the figures from the newest heroclix set that he thinks will be relevant in the competitive environment.Everything you need to know about Star Wars: DestinyExcited for Star Wars: Destiny? Liz covers everything you need to know to get started with this new CCG, an overview of the components, and what kind of gameplay is to be expected. Destiny officially releases end of November 2016.3 Indie RPGs Everyone Should OwnIf you have to DM/GM, may as well introduce your players to charming, quirky, or unique systems. Each of these games will not only get the players invested, but also makes the job of game master not feel as if you drew the short straw. Off the Train, On the Plane - PT Report Part 1In this article I’ll go over my limited and constructed preparation for the Pro Tour as well as the Red/Black Artifact Aggro deck I selected. I was able to get one last good showing with Collected Company before it left standard by finishing in the top 4 of a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier which qual4 Colour Commanders! Who is your favourite?4 Colour Commanders! Who is your favourite?Who's Who of CthulhuCody is not only a fantastic board game specialist, he is also an expert on Lovecraftian horror lore. Ever get confused between which tentacled monster is which? Cody provides a simple primer to get you acquainted with the most important gods of the pantheon from Cthulhu to Yog!The Aftermath of Fantasy Flight and Games Workshop's FalloutLiz, our long-time Warhammer 40k Conquest contributor, details the history behind Fantasy Flight and Games Workshop's relationship and elaborates on which titles are affected from their break-up.Vote for your favourite Kaladesh InventionVote for your favourite Kaladesh InventionJust Jund Them“Sometimes you just Jund them and then you win.”

This was the phrase I kept repeating a couple weekends ago to my friends as I took down the Cardboard Classics PPTQ with the deck I’d been playing and writing about all season — Jund.
Your future is in the cards…Can’t decide which board game is right for you? With new games coming out all the time it can be tough to choose what to bring to the table next. If you find that your board game wish list is getting out of control then maybe it’s time you let the stars divine your perfect game.The ROC Canada Cup!What an epic weekend we had! Many a laugh, tense moment and sigh of relief was had at this, the first of it's kind, a National level event from the ROC; The ROC Canada Cup!Sammy's Tales: GOLD! - Part TWOSammy T brings us on a trip around the world!How to stay competitive when life gets in the wayIts that time of year for players of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, and other living card games, the time of year when Regional Championship season is winding down and players begin to prepare themselves for their National and Continental Championships. No Fun ZoneThe Vintage Cube is back and Nathan's here to break down what may be the best draft archetype in the cubeIn Defense of Solo Games“Why play a game by yourself, why not read a book or play a video game?” It's something I myself am asked often, and ultimately my reasons come down to the same reasons I like board games in the first place. Tracker Rock in StandardHaving tried it out in Pittsburgh, Keith discusses the Sultai version of Standard's popular black-green Tracker Rock deck. Get a Clue!The Rattletrain Part 3 - Last Train Out of the StationThe Rattletrain made a stop at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. Alex gives the play-by-play on the rickety rails he had to overcome in each match.Card Sleeves: A GuideOften times when we purchase a new game we are entranced by the prospect of learning and playing this new addition to our game library. For myself, and many others in the board game community, an accompanying thought is if this new board game should be sleeved.The Nirvana of Serious Board GamingAndrew takes a prospective visitor through everything he or she needs to know about the World Boardgaming ChampionshipsThe Heartwarming, Non-Violent, RPG SystemGolden sky stories is a non-violent RPG system. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Maybe think back for yourself. Have you ever played a nonviolent RPG? A game where no one was attacked in any way. Probably not.Giving Yourself a Better Chance of Winning the Filler GameCodenames. Love Letter. King of Tokyo. Between Two Cities. We all play these games. Here's how to win at them.Transition to AbzanKeith loves Jund, but doesn't feel like it's well-positioned in the Toronto metagame. This week, he looks at how to transition the deck into becoming an Abzan list!Sammy's Tales: GOLD! - Part OneAt long last, Sammy hit Gold in the Pro Players' Club. Here's how he got there.A Human in Top 8 - a GP Minneapolis ReportAndrew broke a streak of mediocre finishes with a solid top 8 at GP Minneapolis, piloting an innovative build of Bant Humans. Here is his story.Deathworld MarinesLiz breaks down her build of one of Warhammer 40k Conquest's least used warlords, Colonel Straken.Sammy's Tales: Top 4'ing the Shadows over Innistrad RPTQAfter a near miss last year, Sammy T achieved his goal of locking up Gold pro status with a win at the most recent Regional PTQ. Here's how he did it.Why no one wants to play games with youAre you getting excluded from invites to board gaming nights? Do people grimace every time you sit down at an open board game table even though you’re generally a pleasant person? Perhaps you are guilty of one (or more) of these off-putting behaviours. Don’t worry! It’s happened to the best ofTrolls over InnistradShadows over Innistrad presented a few exciting sleeper cards for the Dredge archetype. Dredge master Ryan delves into the options afforded to the archetype in the current Modern metagame.34 Common Errors in ModernMagic is a hard game. There are countless ways you can screw up, and Cole is an expert on playing poorly. He's learned over time how to avoid some of the most egregious errors you can make in Modern, and is here to share that wisdom with you.You Built Your Jund List WrongKeith has been playing Jund for an unreasonable amount of time. Through this, he's amassed a fair amount of knowledge about the deck. Today he shares some of that with you.Sammy's Tales: How to Solve New Limited FormatsPlaying a new Limited format in the first few weeks after set release can be daunting. This week, Sammy teaches you how to evaluate cards and find hidden gems on your own1Metagaming Grixis DelverDaniel's playing Grixis Delver this weekend at Grand Prix Columbus, and this week he takes a brief look at its game against two of the format's titans, Eldrazi and Miracles.Sammy's Tales: Protecting Yourself from CheatersIn light of last weekend's high profile disqualification, Sammy T has an in-depth look at how people cheat at Magic, and how you can protect yourself.Board Games for Card GamersDaniel brings you a list of a few board games that appeal to the tastes of card gamers - perfect to play in between rounds at your next tournament!Thought-Knot RitesDaniel has a version of 4-colour Rites with a slightly off-kilter sideboard, and he's here to walk you through it!BasicThe basic lands you choose to play with say a lot about you. Nathan breaks down his personal top 10.Modern Should Not Be a Pro Tour FormatToronto loves Modern, but Keith's here to explain why it's a miserable format for the Pro Tour.Sammy's Tales: Planning for Grand PrixGrand Prix and Pro Tour veteran Sammy T shares a bunch of extremely good tips on how to prepare for a Grand Prix trip, from travel to deck selection!Five (Good) Board Games for KidsWant to play board games with kids, but want to also have fun and play good games? Andrew's done his homework, and has a list of five excellent games that are easily comprehensible and attractive to children.A Second Look at Sin ProdderSin Prodder is a powerful card that, while getting absolutely no respect, is randomly appearing in winning decklists. In Cole's first article here on 401 Games, he delves into the card's potential in Modern.Standard Grixis ControlThis Standard format is mature enough for control decks to be viable again, and Daniel is all over it.Presenting a Different Face After SideboardIn his first article for 401 Games, Derek Lansche brings us a fantastic article about the nuances of sideboarding, with a focus on the power that a transformational sideboard can bring to a match.The Rattletrain Part 2After Grand Prix Toronto, Alex took down a local Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier with his Rattlechains deck - so he's back with more stories and new technology!How Stone Age Made Me a Better GamerThis week, Andrew explains a fundamental points-based analysis of popular board games Stone Age, 7 Wonders, and Ticket to Ride. As a fair warning, this article contains dreaded, dreaded math.Why is Zulaport Cutthroat so Good in Standard?This unassuming creature has been making its presence known in Standard ever since its release. Keith analyzes what it's done to the format and talks about the lengths we've gone to defeat it.A Numbers GameAmidst the tumultuous changes to the Pro Players' Club, Nathan has a proposal for a more wide-reaching change to Magic's Organized Play system.Mardu EldraziMorgan played an innovative Mardu Eldrazi midrange deck at Grand Prix Toronto, despite the protests of his teammates. Here he gives you a guide to a rare midrange option for the current Standard format.Sammy's Tales: It's Not Easy Living on Beggar's Street - A GP New York StorySammy T built a powerful version of Four-Colour Rites that brought his team a series of strong finishes at GP New York. Today he brings you plenty of insight into the construction and gameplay of the deck along with an updated version for your next tournament!The Rattle Train - GP Toronto Tournament Report Part 1Neufeldt finished a respectable 11-4 at Grand Prix Toronto with an innovative Rattlechains Bant Company deck. Here are his ramblings.How to Teach Heavier Board GamesA great teacher goes a long way towards new players picking up games and enjoying it. How many times have you tried a highly rated game but didn’t enjoy it because someone bungled the rules? Here are some tips to help you avoid being the downfall of game night.Bant Company at GP TorontoDaniel finished 19th at Grand Prix Toronto with Bant Company. Today he talks about his deck and his experience at the tournament.Weekend Review: GP TorontoToronto had a hometown Grand Prix this past weekend, while Milwaukee hosted an SCG Open. Daniel delivers you the results!Can't Win for LosingNathan's had a complicated relationship with Magic recently. Here are his ramblings.Ancestral Vision Grixis ControlDaniel played a powerful and uniquely built Grixis Control deck at the SCG Invitational - here he breaks it down for you!A Winner's Guide to SplendorAndrew took down the Splendor event at the World Boardgaming Championships, and is here to tell you how.Fournier's Travel Blog - SCG ColumbusDaniel finished second place in SCG Columbus' Standard Open, and talks about his trip and his tournament - but mostly about chicken and waffles.Get a Clue - Bant CompanyAlex has a typically odd build of Bant Company for you to check out - just in time for Grand Prix Toronto this weekend!Weekend Review: PT Shadows over InnistradThe Pro Tour - the dream of every competitive Magic player. Let Daniel recap the weekend and show you some of the best decks from the tournament.Weekend Review SCG: ColumbusFresh off his second place finish at the Columbus Open Daniel Fournier walks us through last weekend's biggest events.How it Feels to Be SomethingNathan's study of Standard decks of the 1990's continues, and this week we analyze Sligh - the original Red Deck Wins.Weekend Review: SCG BaltimoreDaniel starts off a new weekly article series by analyzing the results of the last weekend's Magic news and events, starting with SCG Baltimore's Standard Open.Family Board Games - Working TogetherMonopoly, Sorry, Clue, Operation and all the other household classics might have their time and place, but none of them emphasize teamwork. So if you’re looking for some optimal family bonding, check out these cooperative titles!New Horizons in MidrangeShadows over Innistrad brings with it a major Standard rotation, and this week Daniel explores what black-based midrange decks can look like in the new format.Eldrazi Winter Is OverKeith sees our Eldrazi overlords out, and welcomes the colour blue back to the ring in Modern - complete with a spicy Sultai brew!Neufeldtian Logic: Eldrazi Will Save LegacyAlex has a theory - a conspiracy theory - that Eldrazi Winter was intentional.Paint it BlackNathan's unhealthy obsession with Randy Buehler's 1996 deckbuilding opinions continues, this time looking at the variations and evolution of Necropotence decks and how they apply to the upcoming Standard rotation.PostmodernThis week, Nathan talks about the intrinsic problems with the Modern format and its banlist, and why Wizards might not be able to fix it so easily.Beating 4 Colour RallyThis Standard format might be almost over, but there are still PPTQs to be won! This week, Keith takes on the boogeyman of the format, and teaches you the correct ways to take it down.GP Detroit - The AftermathDaniel looks back at GP Detroit, talks more about barbecue, and complains about how bad the tournament experience was.Road to Breakout ConThis weekend will mark the debut of a new convention in town – Breakout Con! We’re excited because it’ll be the first and largest Toronto convention in years that’s dedicated to tabletop gaming. The timing couldn’t be better as the community continues tTips for Starting a Board Game Collection You Won't RegretSo you’ve decided to take the plunge into building up a repertoire of board games! Let us offer you some advice on where to begin to get the most out of your collection and avoid buyer’s remorse.Just Say NoNathan looks at Randy Buehler's deck from Worlds 1999 and compares it to the control decks of today, drawing some interesting conclusions.Angling for the Truth - Legacy Grixis DelverAlex goes over his unconventional Grixis Delver deck - complete with a comprehensive sideboarding guide!On Sideboarding: The Questions You Have to Ask YourselfKeith takes a brief look at high-impact sideboard cards, using Worship as a reference, and their effect on gameplay and deckbuilding decisions.Bestselling Board Games of 2015Curious to see which games were the most popular? We take a look back at the bestsellers of 2015 and analyze why they were such big hits.RG Eldrazi Against the WorldDaniel delves deeper into the RG Eldrazi deck's matchups, with a specific focus on the sideboard, in preparation for Grand Prix Detroit this weekend.If You Can't Beat 'Em... Developing RG EldraziOath of the Gatewatch might have broken Modern, but how do we break a broken format? Daniel Fournier looks at solving Eldrazi's problems, just in time for this weekend's 1k Modern GPT!Follow Team 401 Games at Pro Tour Atlanta!401 Games is pleased to announce that we're sponsoring a Magic team for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta! Known colloquially as Team Lucas Siow's Basement, it features a wide swath of Toronto's strongest competitive Magic players.Holiday Gift Giving Guide: What We Asked Santa ForCurious what the staff at 401 Games themselves want to see under the Christmas tree?