3 of the Weirdest Indie RPGsWednesday, February 15th 2017 Zoran Dobrijevic

We sell a lot of books here at 401 Games. We have all the usual best sellers like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and the various Star Wars RPGs, People who are really into RPGs don’t just settle with the standard books though. Dungeons and Dragons may be a reliable standby but sometimes you want to branch out. Maybe you get a new book because you want to change the setting into something cyberpunk like Shadowrun. It could be you’re looking for a super unique system like in the book Dread.Or maybe, just maybe, you want something incredibly weird in your collection so you can leave it on your shelf to confuse people browsing your books.

There’s really only one reason to own any of the books on this list. So that you can say you own them and people can awkwardly stare at you. You’re probably never going to even try to play them. At best, you’ll skim through them with your friends and chuckle at how absurd they are. That’s perfectly fine though. That’s all these books need to be. A funny thing to add to your collection and never actually attempt to run…unless you’ve been drinking.

1.DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood

Not only is the thug on the cover of DnDizzle duel wielding hand crossbows like a boss, he's holding them sideways! As we all know, true gangsters always hold their ranged weapons sideways when going for a kill shot.

If you’ve always wanted Dungeons and Dragons to parody 80’s and 90’s hip-hop culture, you and your weirdly specific prayers have been answered. The book’s narrator goes by the moniker “Fat Warrior” and he lays down the truths on what’s happening in the world of Comptonia. The benevolent King Pimperton rules the kingdom but a black dragon has taken residence in the city dump and is now wrecking shop in da hood. You and your heroic band of OGs need to put a stop to his reign of terror!

There’s also some other nerdy narrator that talks about mechanics and stats and some number junk that no one cares about. What you’re really here for is to listen to Fat Warrior spit some hot fire and let you know what’s good. You could in theory try and play this game but why would you? All the best parts are just reading the descriptions of the different OG classes and the bling you can rain on them

Also some ballin’ enemy gangsters

2. Everything is Dolphins

This one is well uh, well it has dolphins in it. You may say Everything is Dolphins really. Now the creators of DnDizzle probably intended some of the readers to actually play the game. I don't think that's so much the case with this one. I don't know what there is to say about this game that the cover doesn't already tell you. There are dolphins, lots of them. They're everything in fact.

There’s no premade adventure and the only limit is your imagination! Your dolphin imagination. The publisher is claiming the system is kept clean and simple. I guess that’s the excuse to why the book is so short. The back of the book is even padded out with “concept art.”

You can’t get more conceptual than this.

The rest of the artwork ranges from the awesome…

to the incredibly awesome…

to the “we let little Timmy go wild with crayons for ten minutes” level.

This is a book you really need to see to believe. Just try to get through all of it without having your brain leak out your eye sockets.

3. Call of Catthulhu: The Nekonomikon and other cat rpgs

H.P. Lovecraft must love what the world has done to his works since they went public domain. I'm sure Call of Catthhulhu was the only logical conclusion to his legacy. While many publishers have been using the Cthulhu mythos as a free idea bucket (such as the eponymously named Call of Cathulhu series), clearly Call of Catthulhu does it best.

I mean there’s bound to be more crossover between cat lovers and Cathulhu aficionados then there was with the market DnDizzle was going for. It’s not like there’s any other book out there mixing up cats and horror.


I guess that kinda makes sense. Cats are predators and roam around in the dark. Them being stealthy little murderfloofs would make them able to go toe to toe with creatures of the night. So having just two cat themed RPGs is perfectly acceptable.

Purrrfectly acceptable

Okay, so maybe ditch the horror aspect entirely and just have kittens. Sure. Why not? At least the cats still have something fantastical going on about them with their laser beams. It’s still roleplaying something that’s impossible in real life. It’s not like they made and RPG where you were just everyday normal vanilla cats.

From left to right: Everyday, Normal, and Vanilla.
That’s just cats. There’s nothing else there. Fine, magical cats I guess. I don’t care anymore. I’ve stumbled into some kind of weirdly flooded niche market here. Well this is to you cat lovers. You no longer need to settle for playing as a cat-like species in one of your other games. You can just be cats being cats doing cat things with other cats. Congratulations.

by Zoran DobrijevicZoran Dobrijevic spends far more time talking about games than he ever does playing them. Sometimes he designs them too but that has yet to end well. Zoran can usually be found roaming the floor of 401 or at home with his pants off.