5 Games to Play When The GM Calls in SickGame night is ruined! Everyone has already sat down at the table when suddenly your Game Master (GM) sends a message that they won’t be making it tonight. Now there’s nothing for the gathered players to do. The following are 5 games to break out in trying times such as this. 3 of the Weirdest Indie RPGsThere’s really only one reason to own any of the books on this list. So that you can say you own them and people can awkwardly stare at you. You’re probably never going to even try to play them. At best, you’ll skim through them with your friends and chuckle at how absurd they are. That’s p3 Gifts to Get Your GM for ChristmasYou owe your GM some love. After all the hard work they’ve been putting into making sure you’re the ones having fun, you need to show them some kind of appreciation. There’s no better time to do that then now as the holiday season is approaching. Here are a few small gift ideas from 401 that G3 Indie RPGs Everyone Should OwnIf you have to DM/GM, may as well introduce your players to charming, quirky, or unique systems. Each of these games will not only get the players invested, but also makes the job of game master not feel as if you drew the short straw. The Heartwarming, Non-Violent, RPG SystemGolden sky stories is a non-violent RPG system. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Maybe think back for yourself. Have you ever played a nonviolent RPG? A game where no one was attacked in any way. Probably not.