Toronto Regionals – X-Wing Miniatures in Competitive Play ReportWednesday, February 8th 2017 Billy Chandler

Being relatively new to the X-Wing competitive scene, the weekend of Jan 21-22 marked my first Regionals level tournament. I have been competing mildly for the past year or so, but have really started competing more frequently in the past few months. I placed 19th in a small 32-person tournament in Guelph this past March. After that, August took me to 7th in an 18-person casual tournament. Suffice to say, I’ve been tending to land middle of the pack. Moving to Toronto introduced me to the Prototype Toronto League, a community of players who encourage ingenuity in the game – bring new and creative lists, and fly casual!

Through this community, I got to play much more X-Wing than I had been playing in the past, learn about more strategies, and talk about the game’s evolving meta. The experiences have started to shape who I am as a player, and it’s great to learn from other pilots (swing by the lounge on Wednesdays after 6:00pm to learn more about the league, and maybe even get a game in).

Which brings us to Toronto Regionals. I’ve always enjoyed flying maneuverable, high Pilot Skill Imperial ships. The past few months I have been flying a slightly off-meta Imperial List:

  • Omega Leader with Juke, Comm Relay, Stealth Device (29)

  • Colonel Vessery with Veteran Instincts, Tie/D, Tractor Beam (37)

  • The Inquisitor with Push the Limit, Proton Rockets, Tie/v1, Autothrusters (34)

After going 4-2 at Canadian Nationals and narrowly missing the top cut, I continued to do decently with the list. However, people just kept telling me that Tie/D just wasn’t worth it. I begrudgingly took their advice. For Toronto Regionals, I flew:

  • Countess Ryad with Push the Limit, Tie/x7, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (36)

  • Omega Leader with Juke, Comm Relay (26)

  • Imperial Trainee with Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame (19)

  • Imperial Trainee with Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame (19)

The new TIE Strikers are the perfect ships for me to pair with these two great late game ships. If you ignore them to focus on the bigger ships, you let them dish out an absurd amount of damage. If you focus on the Trainees, Ryad and Omega Leader make it to late game.

Round 1: Lawrence R.

  • Bossk with Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-Lom, Heavy Laser Cannon

  • KetsuOnyo with Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade, Glitterstim, Shadowcaster, K4 Security Droid

I had played Lawrence a few times before, and felt pretty confidant with this match up. All I want to run into with my list is low agility big ships. I was planning on focusing down Bossk first since his green dice modification is terrifying to Ryad, but Ketsu was the target that presented itself. Lawrence brought the ships in one after the other, and I was able to throw a 9 red dice into Ketsu early on, bringing her to half hull. When she ran, taking out Bossk was quick with the 13 red dice that the range 1 strikers brought. A final stand from Ketsu brought one of the Strikers down before she fell.

MOV: 181-19

Round 2: Aaron P.

  • BraylenStrahm with R3-A2, Hotshot Co-Pilot

  • Roark Garnet with Twin Laser Turret, Rey

  • Jess Pava

  • Bandit Squadron Pilot with Homing Missiles, Guidance Chips

Aaron and I have played many times, and our matches are always back and forth. I always expect Rebel lists from Aaron and he did not let me down. Unfortunately in this match up, Aaron’s list is built to muck up the positioning of the other ships, and to take up a lot of space. At Pilot Skill 2, my list gets to do that first. The strikers continued to throw good damage despite K-turning or usingactions to reposition. It didn’t help that Aaron’s Homing Missile threw only 1 damage into a lucky Ryad. The joust left Aaron’s ships weak, and the imperial ships danced around to take them out. Despite a 1 hull Omega Leader, this one ended in my favour.

MOV: 200-0

Round 3: Cameron M.

  • Chewbacca with Expertise, C-3P0, Bistan, Millenium Falcon, Smuggling Compartment, Black Market Slicer Tools

  • Miranda Doni with Seismic Charge, Conner Net, Extra Munitions, Twin Laser Turret, Sabine Ren, Advanced Slam

I’ve only rarely faced lists that focus on bombs, so I was naturally terrified of Cameron’s Miranda. I knew that Chewie would fall quickly, and then if I could put some distance between Miranda and my ships, as long as Ryad and Omega Leader survived the volley, I would pull it out. We jousted in the center of the board, with Miranda pulling up the rear behind Chewie. The strikers threw a good chunk of damage into Chewie and evaded well enough, forcing Cameron to drop mines on them, one at a time, to take them out. With Chewie and the Strikers gone, I had to focus on taking Miranda out with the other two. Omega Leader fell to a bomb, but Ryad was able to take down Miranda once she was out of bombs. In the end, Cameron dealt 9 damage to me with bombs, which felt a little absurd. A scary match.

MOV: 136-64

Round 4: Unknown Opponent

  • Rear Admiral Charineau with Predator, Vader, Gunner, Hotshot Co-Pilot, Engine Upgrade

  • Maarek Steele with Juke, Tie/x7

A Decimator build. My dream. I aggressively pursued Charineau into the middle of the table, knowing full well that I would likely lose a striker before it shot to Hotshot Co-Pilot. So, my Strikers evaded every turn. This evade minimized their damage output, and Charineau managed to survive much longer than I had expected. A risky 1-bank from Maarek left him with only the focus, and Ryad was able to throw 4 red dice into him, with him only Evading 1. Charineau killed himself to kill Omega Leader, and then Ryad won the war of attrition with Maarek, having full hull left.

MOV: 136-64

Round 5: Joe S.

  • Miranda Doni with Ion Bombs, Conner Net, Extra Munitions, Twin Laser Turret, Homing Missiles, Sabine Ren, Advanced SLAM

  • Gold Squadron Pilot with Twin Laser Turret

  • Gold Squadron Pilot with Twin Laser Turret

In the opening engagement of this match, I over extended my strikers and lost some hull to trade some damage into one of Joe’s Y-Wings. The position gave me a few options, I could turn my whole force to chase that one damaged Y-Wing or I could fight for range 1 of the TLTs, but risk Miranda bombs killing me slowly. I choose to chase the damaged Y-Wing, and in a moment of poor judgement, drop my Striker right onto a rock. The silver lining is that the damaged Y-Wing bumps and ends up tokenless taking shots from Ryad and Omega Leader. We trade those ships, and slowly the second Striker gets TLT’d to death, not firing another shot. Omega Leader dies to Miranda’s second Ion Bomb, and Ryad chases down the second TLT. The match ends after a long Ryad-Miranda chase, with Ryad taking a Homing Missile to take her down as time is called. Miranda sat at 1 Hull. You can watch this match on the livestream of the event, on VTTV Live’s Youtube channel.

MOV: 48-152

Round 6: Unknown Opponent

  • Deathfire with Long-Range Scanners, Conner Net, Homing Missiles, Extra Munitions

  • Maarek Steel with with Tie/x7, Juke

  • Quickdraw with Expertise, Advanced Sensors, Special Ops Training, Lightweight Frame

My opponent started the Defender and Quickdraw in the centre, and brought Deathfire up the side of the board. Our initial engagement is aggressive, with Maarek bumping Omega Leader, and the Strikers ending range 1 of him, and Ryad behind. Quickdraw has a beautiful range 1 shot into Ryad, which pushes through some damage, so Omega Leader chooses not to fire, not to give Quickdraw a free shot on tokenlessRyad. The other three ships push damage into Maarek, leaving him hurting. Ryad goes down in round two, and my ships still avoid shooting Quickdraw. The bomber falls, and it becomes Omega Leader and two strikers versus Quickdraw. Quickdraw uses high Pilot Skill to dance around my arcs, and takes out both strikers by the time shields are gone. A single barrel roll action isn’t enough to keep out of Omega Leader’s arc, and Omega Leader drops Quickdraw to end the match.

MOV: 126-74

Top 16: Colin P.

  • Han Solo with Engine Upgrade, Millenium Falcon, LandoCalrissian, Determination

  • Poe Dameron with Primed Thrusters, R2-D2, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Black One

Being thrown into this match up as my top 16 match gave me mixed feelings. On the one hand, Han should fall quickly to the firepower of my list, but if Colin is able to take out Omega Leader or Ryad before that happens, then the match is his. I approached quickly, planning to throw my firepower into Han and remove a ship as quickly as I could. Trading shots in the first two rounds left Han with two hull and one Striker left on one hull. Omega Leader and Ryad remained healthy. Han ran from the ships, pursued by the evading Striker, and my other two ships began dancing with Poe. Poe wasn’t able to push damage into Ryad, Han missed his kill shot on the Striker, and the Striker pushed a single damage through. The same thing happened on the following round, taking Han out of the game. Poe, even at Pilot Skill 9, couldn’t deal with the two highly maneuverable ships, and he fell quickly.

MOV: 162-38

Top 8: Thomas F.

  • Dash Rendar with KannanJarrus, Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade, Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider

  • NorraWexley with Expertise, C-3P0, R2-D2, Vectored Thrusters, Alliance Overhaul

After initial positioning, I turned into the centre of the board to try to encourage a joust while Thomas’ Norra was stuck behind Dash. Thomas rolled past, taking and giving some damage from the Strikers. The second round of combat brought Norra into the fray and instead of chasing down Dash, I turned forces to try to take out the regenerating ship. Norra fell to a few hull remaining, but she and Dash were able to finish off the Strikers. I continued to chase Norra with both of my ships, and a range 3 shot from Dash pulled off both of Ryad’s tokens. Norra threw her three dice out the rear arc, adding a Critical hit with her target lock. Ryad’s dice blanked, and she lost her shields, took a Major Explosion, and died from a Direct Hit. Sitting range one behind Norra with a target lock, she likely could have killed Norra that turn, leaving Ryad and Omega Leader to take down Dash. That’s the last time I chase Norra so closely! In the end, Omega Leader couldn’t push enough damage through to even take out Norra.

MOV: 0-200.

In the end, this is the best I’ve ever finished in a tournament of this size, and the event was incredible. Without a real lunch break or dinner break, the 14-hour day was exhausting, but such a great experience. And, I won some cool stuff too! An alt-art card, acrylic bombs, and Top 8 Regionals dice. My X-Wing game just got a lot prettier!

Thomas would go on to win the tournament with an incredible record of 10 wins and 0 defeats. Congratulations Thomas! Until we meet again.

by Billy ChandlerBilly Chandler has two main loves: Theatre and Board Games. When not working at 401 he can be found playing X-Wing Miniatures (also at 401) or gallivanting from performance to performance taking in Toronto's thriving theatre scene. Recently, he ranked 37th in FFG's Canadian National X-Wing Tournament, and he will tell you that repeatedly. Apart from X-Wing, his favourite games are Battlestar Galactica, Dead of Winter, and Imperial Assault. He can also be defined by the television he watches, and advocates often and loudly for Preacher, The Newsroom, and The Walking Dead. "It's cool because in the comics..."