Lord Slug, Giant ForceDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$4.00Lord Slug, Youth RegainedDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$1.00Lord Slug, Evil InvaderDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$1.00Lord Slug, Super NamekianDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$3.00Great Saiyaman 2, Budding HeroDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$10.00SS3 Son Goku, Fist of FortitudeDB03 Draft Box 6: Giant Force$5.00SS Son Goku, Pan, & SS Trunks, Galactic Explorers (SPR) (Special Rare)BT17 Ultimate Squad$10.00SS Son Goku, Pan, & SS Trunks, Galactic ExplorersBT17 Ultimate Squad$5.00SS2 Son Gohan, Z Fighter (SPR) (Special Rare)BT17 Ultimate Squad$12.00SS2 Son Gohan, Z FighterBT17 Ultimate Squad$2.00Broly, The Rampaging Horror (SPR) (Special Rare)BT01 Booster Set: Galactic Battle$65.00Android 18, Bionic Blitz (SPR) (Special Rare)BT09 Booster Set: Universal Onslaught$12.50Big AmourDB02 Draft Box 5: Divine Multiverse$0.25Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (Signed SPR)The Tournament Of Power$200.00Secret Identity Masked Saiyan (Foil)BT10 Booster Set: Rise of the Unison Warrior$4.00Supreme Kai of Time, Spacetime UnravelerBT12 Booster Set: Vicious Rejuvenation$150.00Paragus, the Sacrifice (Event Pack) (Foil)Dragon Ball Super Event Pack Promos$5.00Launch, Feminine Wiles (Winner Stamp)Dragon Ball Super Promos$10.00Gine, at Her Husband's Side (Foil)BT13 Booster Set: Supreme Rivalry$0.50Baby Hatchhyack, Saiyan Destroyer (Secret Rare) (Reprint)BT11 Booster Set: Vermilion Bloodline (2nd Edition)$130.00SSB Vegeta, Unbridled Power (God Rare)BT16 Booster Set: Realm of the Gods$1000.00Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of PowerBT09 Booster Set: Universal Onslaught$550.00Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (Signed SPR)$500.00Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito (Signed SPR)BT07 Booster Set: Assault of the Saiyans$500.00Son Goku, The Awakened PowerThe Tournament Of Power$350.00Broly, Ultimate Agent of DestructionBT06 Booster Set: Destroyer Kings$300.00Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta (Signed SPR)The Tournament Of Power$300.00SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past (Signed SPR)BT07 Booster Set: Assault of the Saiyans$225.00Dependable Brother Son Gohan (Signed SPR)BT07 Booster Set: Assault of the Saiyans$200.00Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (Signed SPR)The Tournament Of Power$200.00
All events are cancelled until further notice.
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