SS Rose Goku Black, a Delicate PlanDRAFT BOX 4$3.00Dr. Myuu, Weapon SurplusDRAFT BOX 4$3.00Uneasy Alliance FriezaDRAFT BOX 4$3.00Son Goku, Father and SonDRAFT BOX 4$4.00Krillin and Android 18, Power CoupleDRAFT BOX 4$5.00Galick CannonDRAFT BOX 4$14.00Toppo, Righteous AidDRAFT BOX 4$7.00SS3 Tag Team Son GohanDRAFT BOX 4$13.00Hercule and Majin Buu, Friends ForeverDRAFT BOX 4$8.00Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the UnstoppableDRAFT BOX 4$45.00Triple Flash SS4 Son Goku (Special Rare)Colossal Warfare$7.00SS2 Trunks, Memories of the PastAssault Of The Saiyans$22.00Hit, Pride of Universe 6Assault Of The Saiyans$36.00Caulifla, the Awakened SisterAssault Of The Saiyans$5.00Meteoric Energy SSB VegitoAssault Of The Saiyans$55.00Beerus, Fickle GodAssault Of The Saiyans$4.00SS3 Scramble - Raditz, Vegeta & BrolyAssault Of The Saiyans$35.00Power of Potara - Vegito, Kefla & ZamasuAssault Of The Saiyans$55.00SS Vegeta, Exploiting WeaknessDRAFT BOX 4$45.00Son Goku, The Awakened PowerThe Tournament Of Power$250.00Broly, Ultimate Agent of DestructionDestroyer Kings$150.00SS4 Vegeta, Peak of Primitive PowerMalicious Machinations$130.00Baby Janemba, Corrupt CoalescenceMalicious Machinations$90.00Arcane Absorption Majin BuuDestroyer Kings$55.00Meteoric Energy SSB VegitoAssault Of The Saiyans$55.00Power of Potara - Vegito, Kefla & ZamasuAssault Of The Saiyans$55.00Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the UnstoppableDRAFT BOX 4$45.00SS Vegeta, Exploiting WeaknessDRAFT BOX 4$45.00Hit, Pride of Universe 6Assault Of The Saiyans$36.00
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