Pulse of Volthaven (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$55.00Channel Lake Frigid (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$18.00Tear Asunder (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$10.00Pulse of Isenloft (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$55.00Blizzard (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$7.00Pulse of Candlhold (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$55.00Voltaire, Strike Twice (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$75.00Winter's Wail (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$75.00Awakening (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$5.00Sting of Sorcery (Foil)Tales of Aria 1st Edition$5.00
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