Storm the Vault (Foil)Rivals of Ixalan$3.00Tireless Tracker (Foil)Shadows over Innistrad$18.00Tireless TrackerShadows over Innistrad$7.00City of TraitorsExodus$200.00As ForetoldAmonkhet$3.00Arena Rector (Foil)Battlebond$80.00Heroic Intervention (Foil)Aether Revolt$6.00Rishkar's Expertise (Foil)Aether Revolt$2.00Crucible of Worlds (Foil)Tenth Edition$45.00Crucible of WorldsTenth Edition$20.00The Tabernacle at Pendrell ValeLegends$2500.00Mishra's WorkshopAntiquities$1400.00Bazaar of BaghdadArabian Nights$1200.00Library of AlexandriaArabian Nights$1200.00Juzam DjinnArabian Nights$1100.00Candelabra of TawnosAntiquities$900.00The AbyssLegends$850.00Drop of HoneyArabian Nights$800.00Gaea's Cradle (Foil)Judge Gift Program$800.00Chains of MephistophelesLegends$750.00
Dominaria Store Championship$10VaughanSaturday, June 23 @ 12:00pmDominaria Store Championship$10TorontoSaturday, June 23 @ 12:30pmMagic Open House - Core 2019FREETorontoSaturday, June 30 @ 12:30pmMagic Open House - Core 2019FREEVaughanSaturday, June 30 @ 12:30pmCore Set 2019 Midnight Prerelease$30TorontoFriday, July 06 @ 11:55pmCore Set 2019 Saturday 10am Prerelease$30TorontoSaturday, July 07 @ 10:00amCore 2019 Prerelease in Vaughan!$30VaughanSaturday, July 07 @ 2:00pmCore 2019 Prerelease Party$30VaughanSaturday, July 07 @ 2:00pmCore Set 2019 Saturday 5pm Prerelease$30TorontoSaturday, July 07 @ 5:00pmCore Set 2019 Sunday 10am Prerelease$30TorontoSunday, July 08 @ 10:00amCore Set 2019 Sunday 5pm Prerelease$30TorontoSunday, July 08 @ 5:00pmCore 2019 Draft Weekend - Saturday$10VaughanSaturday, July 14 @ 11:00amStandard Showdown Core 2019$5VaughanSaturday, July 28 @ 2:00pm401 Games Open - 1k Modern$30TorontoSaturday, August 04 @ 12:00pmModern Mondays$5TorontoEvery Monday @ 6:00pmMonday Night Pauper in VaughanFREEVaughanEvery Monday @ 6:00pmTuesday Draft$15TorontoEvery Tuesday @ 6:00pmTuesday Standard$5TorontoEvery Tuesday @ 6:00pmThursday Standard$5TorontoEvery Thursday @ 6:00pmFNM Draft$15TorontoEvery Friday @ 6:00pmFNM Modern$5TorontoEvery Friday @ 6:00pmFNM Commander in VaughanFREEVaughanEvery Friday @ 6:30pmFNM Draft in Vaughan$12VaughanEvery Friday @ 6:30pmFriday Night Magic CommanderFREETorontoEvery Friday @ 6:30pmModern Weekly at Vaughan$5VaughanEvery Friday @ 7:00pmSaturday Modern$5TorontoEvery Saturday @ 12:00pmSaturday Commander League in Vaughan$8VaughanEvery Saturday @ 5:00pmSunday Sealed Deck$20TorontoEvery Sunday @ 12:00pmSunday Booster Draft$15TorontoEvery Sunday @ 4:30pm
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Magic cards traded in for store credit will recieve an additional 30% bonus.
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- Bulk FOIL Commons/Uncommons: $0.05 each, FOIL Rares: $0.25 each, FOIL Mythic Rares: $0.50 each
- Bulk Battle for Zendikar Full Art Basic Lands: $0.05 each
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