Armageddon (Foil)Judge Gift Cards$25.00Aether SnapDarksteel$0.25Whispersilk CloakDarksteel$1.00HallowDarksteel$0.05Echoing DecayDarksteel$0.10Voltaic ConstructDarksteel$0.25WeaknessLimited Edition Beta$4.00Wild GrowthLimited Edition Beta$13.00Wall of WoodLimited Edition Beta$2.50UnsummonLimited Edition Beta$8.00Mystical TutorMirage$15.00Vampiric TutorClassic Sixth Edition$60.00Phyrexian ArenaNinth Edition$12.00Polluted BondsShadowmoor$18.00Phyrexian ArenaPlanechase$9.00Misty RainforestZendikar$55.00Well of Lost DreamsCommander 2013$4.00Mana ConfluenceJourney into Nyx$8.00Twilight ProphetRivals of Ixalan$18.00Teferi's Protection (Foil)Judge Gift Cards$65.00Black LotusUnlimited Edition$10000.00Mox SapphireLimited Edition Beta$8400.00Mox JetLimited Edition Beta$7200.00Mox EmeraldLimited Edition Beta$6000.00Mox PearlLimited Edition Beta$5400.00Mox RubyLimited Edition Beta$5400.00Underground SeaLimited Edition Beta$4500.00Volcanic IslandLimited Edition Beta$4000.00TimetwisterUnlimited Edition$3500.00Mox SapphireUnlimited Edition$3000.00
All events are cancelled until further notice.
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Due to the shutdown all mail-in and drop-off buylist submissions will experience a delay in processing and payment.
All buylist submissions must be submitted through the website prior to shipping or bringing them into the store.
Once your buylist submission is received it will be held for 4-6 days and you will receive an email when your buylist submission has been processed.
We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding during this time.

All buylist submissions MUST be submitted through the website. Add items to your buylist cart by entering the quantity and clicking the blue 'Add' button next to each card. Your cart can be submitted using the blue 'View Cart' button at the top of the page.

Magic cards submitted for store credit will recieve an additional 35% bonus.
All prices listed are for Near Mint and English cards only.
Grading prices for cards below Near Mint will be adjusted downward at approximately the following rates:
Items that are Slightly Played for 90%, Moderately Played for 75% and Heavily Played for 50%. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, and any foil cards may be adjusted more specifically.
Cards that are signed or stamped, will be graded as Slightly Played at best and will be priced accordingly.
All singles must match the order that they appear in the confirmation email to ensure rapid processing.
All unlisted cards (Near Mint and English ONLY) are bought at the following rates with NO CREDIT BONUS:
- Bulk Commons/Uncommons: $0.002 each ($2 per 1000 cards), Rares: $0.10 each, Mythic Rares: $0.25 each
- Bulk FOIL Commons/Uncommons: $0.05 each, FOIL Rares: $0.25 each, FOIL Mythic Rares: $0.50 each
- Bulk Battle for Zendikar Full Art Basic Lands: $0.05 each
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