Blastoise (Rare Holo) (Foil)Boundaries Crossed$5.00Blastoise (Rare Holo)Boundaries Crossed$3.00Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (Secret Rare)Hidden Fates$10.00Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (Ultra Rare)Hidden Fates$4.00Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (Ultra Rare)Hidden Fates$3.00Rayquaza - Amazing Rare (Amazing)Vivid Voltage$20.00Wailord-EX (Ultra Rare)Primal Clash$5.00Centiskorch VMAX (Rare Holo VMAX)Darkness Ablaze$5.00Silvally-GX (Ultra Rare)Crimson Invasion$2.00Jolteon-GX (Promo)Sun & Moon Promos$3.00Crobat (Rare Holo)Skyridge$325.00Mewtwo Gold Star (Rare Holo)Holon Phantoms$450.00Charizard-GX (Secret Rare)Burning Shadows$450.00Lt. Surge's Fearow (Rare Holo)Gym Heroes 1st Edition$70.00Ho-oh (Rare Holo)Neo Revelation 1st Edition$300.00Raikou (Rare Holo)Neo Revelation 1st Edition$250.00Suicune (Rare Holo)Neo Revelation 1st Edition$250.00Umbreon (Rare Holo)Neo Discovery 1st Edition$365.00Feraligatr (Rare Holo)Neo Genesis 1st Edition$140.00Pikachu - 1 - 1st Edition (Promo)Wizards Black Star Promos$260.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$9000.00Rayquaza Gold Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$2500.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Skyridge$1800.00Charizard Gold Star (Rare Holo)Dragon Frontiers$1500.00Shining Charizard (Rare Shining)Neo Destiny 1st Edition$1400.00Umbreon Gold Star (Ultra Rare)POP Series 5$1200.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Base Set Shadowless$1100.00Espeon Gold Star (Ultra Rare)POP Series 5$1100.00Blastoise (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$1000.00Shining Charizard (Rare Shining)Neo Destiny$900.00
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