Darkrai-EX (Ultra Rare)BREAKpoint$4.00Darkrai-EX (Ultra Rare)BREAKpoint$7.00Blastoise (Secret Rare)Plasma Storm$30.00Flareon Star (Ultra Rare)Power Keepers$80.00Celebi Star (Rare Holo)Crystal Guardians$60.00Charizard Star (Rare Holo)Dragon Frontiers$200.00Dowsing Machine (Ultra Rare)Plasma Storm$13.00M Mewtwo-EX (Ultra Rare)BREAKthrough$2.00Octillery (Rare Holo)BREAKthrough$4.00Gallade (Rare Holo)BREAKthrough$1.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$800.00Rayquaza Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$300.00Charizard Star (Rare Holo)Dragon Frontiers$200.00Blastoise (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$200.00Venusaur (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$200.00Pikachu Star (Rare Holo)Holon Phantoms$150.00Raichu (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$130.00Lugia (Secret Rare)Aquapolis$120.00Treecko Star (Ultra Rare)Team Rocket Returns$100.00Latios Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$100.00
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