Wigglytuff (Ultra Rare)Hidden Fates$0.50Sylveon (Ultra Rare)Hidden Fates Shiny Vault$25.00Sylveon-GX (Ultra Rare)Guardians Rising$3.00Mimikyu GX (Rare Secret)Lost Thunder$12.00Mimikyu GX (Ultra Rare)Lost Thunder$5.00Mimikyu GX (Ultra Rare)Lost Thunder$2.00Gardevoir-GX (Ultra Rare)Burning Shadows$2.00Gardevoir & Sylveon (Rare Secret)Unbroken Bonds$14.00Gardevoir & Sylveon (Ultra Rare)Unbroken Bonds$10.00Gardevoir & Sylveon (Ultra Rare)Unbroken Bonds$8.00Clefairy (Rare Holo)Base Set Shadowless$25.00Raichu (Rare Holo)Base Set Shadowless$40.00Mewtwo & Mew GX (Rare)Unified Minds$42.00Keldeo (Ultra Rare)Unified Minds$7.00Mewtwo & Mew (Ultra Rare)Unified Minds$12.00Gardevoir & Sylveon (Rare Secret)Unbroken Bonds$14.00Dedenne (Rare Secret)Unbroken Bonds$30.00Greninja & Zoroark (Ultra Rare)Unbroken Bonds$3.50Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff (Ultra Rare)Cosmic Eclipse$9.00Arceus & Dialga & Palkia (Rare Secret)Cosmic Eclipse$15.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Base Set 1st Edition$2000.00Charizard (Rare Holo)Skyridge$650.00Rayquaza Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$500.00Charizard Star (Rare Holo)Dragon Frontiers$500.00Ho-oh (Rare Holo)Skyridge$400.00Shining Charizard (Rare Shining)Neo Destiny 1st Edition$300.00Celebi (Rare Holo)Skyridge$250.00Latias Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$250.00Latios Star (Secret Rare)Deoxys$250.00Mew Star (Rare Holo)Dragon Frontiers$250.00
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