Thermal Detonator (Legendary)Awakenings$5.00Force Throw (Starter)Starter Deck - Rey$2.00Han Solo - Scoundrel (Legendary)Awakenings$5.00One With The Force (Legendary)Awakenings$4.00Jabba The Hutt - The Great and Mighty (Legendary)Awakenings$2.00Darth Vader - Sith Lord (Legendary)Awakenings$10.00Captain Phasma (Legendary)Awakenings$3.00Quadjumper (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$3.00Force Speed (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$15.00Rocket Launcher (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$5.00Ancient Lightsaber (Legendary)Empire at War$20.00X-8 Night Sniper (Legendary)Empire at War$20.00Force Speed (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$15.00Darth Vader - Sith Lord (Legendary)Awakenings$10.00Sabine Wren (Legendary)Empire at War$10.00Palpatine - Galactic Emperor (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$6.00Crime Lord (Legendary)Awakenings$5.00Han Solo - Scoundrel (Legendary)Awakenings$5.00Thermal Detonator (Legendary)Awakenings$5.00Z6 Riot Control Baton (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$5.00
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Star Wars

Dice must accompany the corresponding card.
Each card listed are for Near Mint conditions only.
Star Wars Destiny cards traded in for store credit will recieve an additional 30% bonus.
Trade ins should be sorted in the order that they appear in the confirmation email.
In case of discrepancies the staff will overrule the buylist.
Non Near Mint cards will be adjusted downward at the staff's discretion.
Your store credit never expires so you can keep it until you find something you want.
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