Lure of Power (Rare)Spirit of the Rebellion$0.25X-8 Night Sniper (Legendary)Empire at War$10.00Ancient Lightsaber (Legendary)Empire at War$20.00Master of the Council (Legendary)Empire at War$15.00K-2SO (Legendary)Empire at War$7.00Cad Bane (Legendary)Empire at War$10.00Thrawn (Legendary)Empire at War$14.00 Secret Facility - Scarif (Uncommon)Spirit of the Rebellion$0.10 Fast Hands (Uncommon)Spirit of the Rebellion$2.00 "Fair" Trade (Uncommon)Spirit of the Rebellion$0.10 Force Speed (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$28.00Darth Vader - Sith Lord (Legendary)Awakenings$25.00Ancient Lightsaber (Legendary)Empire at War$20.00 Palpatine - Galactic Emperor (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$16.00Han Solo - Scoundrel (Legendary)Awakenings$15.00Master of the Council (Legendary)Empire at War$15.00Thrawn (Legendary)Empire at War$14.00Jabba The Hutt - The Great and Mighty (Legendary)Awakenings$10.00One With The Force (Legendary)Awakenings$10.00 Z6 Riot Control Baton (Legendary)Spirit of the Rebellion$10.00
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