Submitting a card list

How does card list submission work?

This tool allows you to submit a list of cards that you would like to come in to purchase and pick up in person. Simply select the location where you would like to pick up your cards, then paste your list into the box below and click submit.

Our in-store staff will pull all the cards we have available from your list and set them aside for you. You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up. Then just come in to your selected store and the cards will be waiting for you. Please note that during busy periods your order may take longer than usual to prepare.

Orders will be held for pickup for one week.

If you would like specific versions or editions of cards please specify in your list.

For general questions, please send us an email.

Format 1Format 2
2 Mox Diamond
3 Diabolic Vision (FOIL)
1 Grixis Sojourners (FOIL)
4 Sparkmage Apprentice
3 Smogsteed Rider
4 Yavimaya Ancients (ME2)
3 Crucible of Worlds
4 Rootwater Depths (TMP)
2 Dreams of the Dead
1 Sharding Sphinx (FOIL) (C13)
2x Mox Diamond
3x Diabolic Vision (FOIL)
1x Grixis Sojourners (FOIL)
4x Sparkmage Apprentice
3x Smogsteed Rider
4x Yavimaya Ancients (ME2)
3x Crucible of Worlds
4x Rootwater Depths (TMP)
2x Dreams of the Dead
1x Sharding Sphinx (FOIL) (C13)
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