Weekly Events in Toronto

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Organized 6:00pm
Toronto BoardGamers Weekly Meetup
@ 6:00pm
Toronto BoardGamers Weekly Meetup
Every Wednesday @ 6:00pm in Toronto

We're back! We (cautiously) begin running some in-store events on Friday, August 6th, with our long-running Toronto BoardGamers Weekly Meetup starting on August 18th. Before going to an event, users must do the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 customer screening and if they do not pass the assessment, they should not attend any events.

Please note that to maintain proper contact tracing and physical distancing we are requiring pre-registration for ALL events and will be limiting registration to 24 players.

401 Games plays host to a weekly Board Game Night every Wednesday evening.

This is an evening of casual open-play featuring a variety of board games, all supplied by the crew at Toronto Boardgamers and our 401 Games Playspace shelf.

If you're interested in attending please RSVP at the Toronto Board Gamers website where you can sign up for the games you want to play.