401 Games: Star Wars: Destiny
Vote for your favourite Star Wars Destiny characterVote for your favourite Star Wars Destiny characterStar Wars: Destiny Launch Party ReportIf you weren’t able to make it, here are some of the highlights of the event! Plus Liz covers which cards have instantly gained favor with the community, and which deck synergies to look out for.Everything you need to know about Star Wars: DestinyExcited for Star Wars: Destiny? Liz covers everything you need to know to get started with this new CCG, an overview of the components, and what kind of gameplay is to be expected. Destiny officially releases end of November 2016.
Destiny Weekly!
@ 6:00pm
Destiny Weekly!
Every Tuesday @ 6:00pm

Each and every Tuesday at 401 Games we're hosting a Destiny tournament! Come play Destiny, do well, and win boosters of the newest set! But most of all, have fun!

Tournament Structure:

Three or four Swiss rounds based on attendance


Best of one matches. 45 minute rounds


Booster packs for players going X-1 or X-0. Two boosters per player will be entered into the prize pool

Star Wars Destiny Open Play
@ 5:30pm
Star Wars Destiny Open Play
Every Thursday @ 5:30pm

Each and every Thursday players of the new Star Wars: Destiny game can be found upstairs at 401 Games. This is an open event run in conjunction with our regular weekly Living Card Games night and is a fantastic way for players to meet other players and learn more about the game.