The Last Friday -Survival Horror ExperienceMonday, November 14th 2016 Adam Hollow


Summer 1980. Five friends were hired as counselors by the new owners of a camp in the woods to patch up the property in exchange for a free vacation...But now they're just trying to survive the weekend.

Play as a young camp counselor and band together with your pals to try to outlive the maniac in a long weekend of terror. Will you have the courage to fight the maniac and avenge your friends?

Or play as the undying psychopath hidden in the shadows of the forest, will you be able to catch all the campers? As the maniac you can hide from them when they feel brave, then take your revenge when they are unprepared...

Come in to 401 Games to sign up anytime this week and join us on Friday night for the ultimate survival horror experience.

by Adam HollowAdam is the head of the IT Department at 401 Games...also possibly a robot.