Weekly Events in Toronto

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Adventurer's League 6:00pm
Adventurer's League
@ 6:00pm
Adventurer's League
Every Tuesday @ 6:00pm in Toronto

Starting this Tuesday (the 21st) we will be running a one-off adventure. We will be running:

CCC-OA-01-01 When Mages Fall
Fledgling wizards are being struck down in Thentia, the City of Mages. Rumors tie the deaths to the reappearance of an ancient artifact, the Bright Sword. Can adventurers solve the mystery of the mage slayings before the body count rises?

A 2- to 4-Hour adventure for 1st to 4th level characters.

If you are interested in playing please send us an email at events@401games.ca to register since space is limited.

We are still looking for DMs for our Tuesday night sessions so if you are interested in running a table please send us an email at events@401games.ca