Deals of the Week: Feb 5th to Feb 11thMonday, February 6th 2017 401 Games

Deals of the week for February 5th to February 11th

Board Game of the week

The Oracle of Delphi
In Stefan Feld's new game The Oracle of Delphi, the player's ships travel across a large variable game board of hexagonal tiles showing islands and the surrounding waters. Each player aims to reach certain islands to perform the twelve tasks given by Zeus: e.g., to collect offerings of different colors and to deliver them to corresponding temples, or to slay monsters of a specific type (and color), all of which can be discovered on the islands.

Magic the Gathering Deal of the week

Planechase - Anthology

Magic the Gathering Card of the week

Entreat the Angels

Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal of the week

Hidden Arsenal Special Edition SE Box

Pokemon Deal of the week

Mythical Collection Arceus (Generations)