Deals of the Week: Oct 31st to Nov 5thMonday, October 31st 2016 401 Games

Deals of the week for October 31st to November 5th

Board Game of the week

Hit Z Road
In the fast-paced and morbidly kitschy game Hit Z Road, you and your fellow players embark on a road trip going south from Chicago along America's famous Route 66 — now infested by zombies. As you travel though a deck of adventure cards rife with dangers, you battle zombie hordes, drive abandoned school buses, scavenge for gas and bullets, and explore a darkened, tainted American countryside full of shambling undead, haunted carnivals, and plumes of toxic gas. Your goal is to stay alive until you reach the safe, sandy beaches of the California coast.

Magic the Gathering Deal of the week

Eldritch Moon - Fat Pack
Each Fat Pack contains:
  • Player's Guide with complete visual encyclopedia
  • Eldritch Moon card box
  • Nine Eldritch Moon booster packs
  • Eighty-card basic land pack
  • Special edition Spindown life counter
  • Two deck boxes

Eternal Masters - Booster Box
Take a step outside time with Eternal Masters. This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most sought-after cards from throughout the history of Magic - some with new artwork - to enhance your Cube or your favorite Commander, Vintage, and Legacy decks.

Magic the Gathering Card of the week

All is Dust
Build your Legacy format eldrazi deck today! The Grand Prix promo edition of All is Dust is on special this week only for 33% OFF!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal of the week

Yugioh Abyss Rising Special Edition (SE) Box
Each display box of Abyss Rising Special Edition comes with 10 Special Edition packs. Each Special Edition pack contains 3 booster packs of Abyss Rising, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards. Abyss Rising features monsters from the abyss at the bottom of the seas, but your Special Edition might contain a terrifying weapon from a very different abyss: the Dark Smog! Or, on a more cheerful note, you could get one of the most popular monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Gagaga Girl!