401 Games: Force of Will
Force of Will Fridays!
@ 6:00pm
Force of Will Fridays!
Every Friday @ 6:00pm

401 Games is going to be hosting Force of Will tournaments every Friday at 6:00pm! This is an exciting new trading card game from Japan with lots of cool decks and interesting strategies.

For more information and tournament rules check out the Force of Will website


New Frontiers

Tournament Structure

3 or 4 Swiss rounds based on attendance. Matches are best of three, with one hour rounds.


One pack per player goes into the prize pool. Top finishers will win packs based on record.

4 promotional cards will be given out to each player for signing up!
Additional promo cards will be awarded to the Top 3.

1st Place: More Pack prizes than 2nd/3rd and 3 Promos of your choice.
2nd Place: Pack prizes and 2 Promos of your choice.
3rd Place: Pack prizes and 1 Promo of your choice.