401 Games: Naruto Boruto
Naruto Boruto Tournament
@ 6:00pm
Naruto Boruto Tournament
Every Wednesday @ 6:00pm in Vaughan

Bandai, creators of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, will release the Naruto Boruto Card Game, an expandable deck building game where players recreate their favorite ninja battles from the animated world of Naruto.

Players construct their deck with two types of cards – battlers and actions – and can win by dealing damage to their opponent or by completing four quest points.

STRUCTURE - 3 rounds of Swiss. Best out of 3. 60 Minute Rounds

PRIZES - Everyone gets 1 Official Tournament Pack just for playing!
(1st Prize) 3 Official Tournament Pack + Play Mat
(2nd Prize) 2 Official Tournament Pack
(3rd Prize) 1 Official Tournament Pack